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omega replica, a Dutch artist based in Switzerland, has released his latest timepiece called Platinum Tsuba. This limited edition piece depicts an exquisite scene featuring a sparrow and a hawk on a dial that is captivating. The model's entire face is decorated using a metalworking technique that replicates the natural patterns of wood. The original purpose of the design was to decorate traditional samurai blades' hand guards, called tsuba (in Japanese). This artistic watch features the same type beautifications in its AS 690 mechanical calibre, which has a power reserve of more than a week. This piece of art is housed in a large housing made from platinum.

omega replica is the man behind this fascinating piece. He began as a hand-engraver, but later visited Japan to study the ancient Japanese decorative technique known as mokume-gane.omega replica It was developed in Japan during the 17th century, initially for the decoration of katana guards. Later it spread to other objects. Mokume-gane is a Japanese term that means "wood grain metal", or "wood eye metal". It includes metal decorations which mimic the appearance of wood grain.

After Engelbarts had mastered the technology, he began working with different watch brands to create various watch components. The Dutchman created his own brand at the turn of century so that his art could be credited to him. Engelbarts is known for its captivating designs. Each of Engelbarts' watches takes several months to make, as the decoration process is very time-consuming and is completed by hand. It is no surprise that the new Platinum Tsuba model is only made in one piece.

The face of the new watch depicts a scene that is reminiscent of one of the most beautiful and well-known examples of tsuba decoration. The original scene was created by Hamano Maanobu during the middle of the 19th century.Richard Mille Replica Watches It features a hawk, a sparrow and other birds. Engelbarts created the sculpture using several noble metals.